Same Day Teeth


Have your smile and confidence restored all in one go!

If you wear dentures or have been told you’re not a suitable candidate for dental implants as you have insufficient bone density, this revolutionary ‘teeth in a day’ technique may help bring back your smile.

Based on years of clinical research, this immediate restoration procedure involves the placing of dental implants and replacement teeth in just one day. It features four key implants, strategically placed to make the best use of any remaining bone. Once safely in position they are used straight away to give you a whole new set of natural looking, functional teeth.



  • Functional, great looking teeth in just one day
  • Considerably quicker treatment time
  • Additional bone grafting surgery usually avoided
  • More comfortable method of restoring large gaps or complete arches
  • Cost-effective

The process

Though the ‘teeth in a day’ procedure is done and dusted within a matter of hours, plenty of planning goes on behind the scenes, involving detailed discussions and co-ordination between dental professionals and technicians.

We use 3D x-rays and advanced computer technology to accurately plan your treatment and bespoke CAD-CAM surgical guides to transfer this plan directly to your mouth. On the day of the procedure, your implants are placed precisely to take advantage of those areas of greater bone density.

So you can walk out of our practice sporting a shiny new smile, we fit highly aesthetic temporary teeth to your implants. This is because, after a few months, the implants will have bonded with your bone and further healing will have taken place, and it is only then that your bespoke permanent teeth can be fitted.

‘Teeth in a day’ (sometimes known as All-on-4™) is a great option if you thought permanent restoration of your smile was an impossibility and it also eliminates any irritating problems associated with tooth loss or wearing dentures.

To benefit from this life enhancing treatment give us a call on 01622 739 962 and discover how we can sort out your smile in just one day!

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