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about-11At Perio-Implant Maidstone in Kent, we have a programme of continual investment in the latest technology for the treatment of periodontal (gum) disease, cosmetic periodontal therapies and dental implant treatments. While this represents a significant expenditure for our clinic, we believe that this is justified as it allows us to deliver faster and more reliable therapies with the added advantage of being more comfortable for our patients, and usually at significantly reduced costs to them! Our practice is registered with, and has been inspected by, the HPA and CQC. Our practice is fully compliant with HTM-105 cross infection regulations and has passed local PCT inspection.

For patient comfort we also provide treatment under intravenous sedation. Our sedationist is a qualified dentist with a postgraduate diploma in Dental Sedation and our procedure fully complies with SAAD guidelines.



vatech-machineVatech Pax Flex 3d CT Scanner:

Our practice has a state of the art digital cone beam CT scanner. This scanner is able to produce Ultra HD 3-D images at significantly reduced radiation dose to the patient. It features multiple fields of view (FOV), meaning patient exposure can be limited based on clinical need. CBCT scans, where justified, can significantly aid with planning of dental implant cases. They allow a 3 dimensional evaluation of the available bone which facilitates more accurate implant placement and ultimately helps to ensure a more successful treatment outcome. www.vatechglobal.com.


6-1Laser Periodontology in Kent
Perio-Implant Maidstone is a dental practice limited exclusively to high quality Periodontology and Dental Implantology treatments.We have a programme of continual investment in new technologies to improve patient experience and treatment effectiveness. One such area is Laser Assisted Periodontal Therapy. In the last 18 months we have introduced 2 types of laser to our clinic: BIOLASE WaterLase™ (2,780 nm Er,Cr:YSGG non-thermal laser).

BIOLASE WaterLase™ periodontal therapy disrupts biofilms, kills specific pathologic bacteria and shatters calculus subgingivally to leave fresh healthy periodontal tissues to re-attach to the tooth. It can penetrate to the full depth of the periodontal pocket (without heat generation), unlike conventional deep debridement which usually has a maximum cleaning depth of 6-7mm sub-gingivally. It significantly reduces the need for flap surgery, which is very much welcomed by patients! The major advantages are that it reduces treatment time and expense for the patient with the added bonus of less gingival recession and discomfort. The patient gets returned to you more quickly.


There are an increasing number of patients with complex medical problems and complex drug therapies such as Bisphosphonates and new-generation anti-coagulants. Those patients can pose a real problem for dental treatment planning. Our combination of laser devices has opened up new avenues of treatment for these patients. Lasers significantly reduce the risk of adverse complications and consequently we are happy to consider therapy for them.

By referring your patients to Perio-Implant Maidstone, I hope you will agree that we are not just another Periodontology clinic. Rather we are one of the UK’s most technologically advanced Periodontal referral clinics – Your Partner in Periodontal Care.

PRGF Biotechnology

The Florida Probe System

Our practice is equipped with a dedicated periodontal charting and analysis FP32 software. The Florida Probe System has transformed our computer into a computerized probing station! It allows us to probe, chart, educate and motivate our patients. This ultimately leads to more successful treatment in a shorter time. The Florida Probe System provides exceptional clinical documentation, and this facilitates communication with our referring dentists. www.floridaprobe.com.florida_probe

Satelec Piezotome Solo

satelec_piezotome_soloBone surgery without drilling. Piezoelectricity in pre-implant and periodontal surgery enables us to provides much more comfort and precision compared to conventional surgical techniques. It provides effortless and precise cutting without soft tissue injury. Post-operative pain is minor and healing is fast. Furthermore, much less effort is required to obtain a very fine cutting line.The Piezotome Solo is the ideal partner for us as we want to be able to cut hard tissue with the greatest possible power and least possible risk, and to do this simply, reliably and with micrometer precision – for osteotomy, osteoplasty, sinus lift and bone splitting. This second-generation high-tech piezoelectric device is equipped with the latest ultrasonic technology, and easy-to-use controls. www.acteongroup-products.com/satelec

Dental Implant Systems

There are many different dental implant systems on the market of varying quality and cost. At our clinic we use only tried and tested implant systems from internationally renowned manufacturers. These include Nobel Biocare, Dentsply IH and Southern Implants. While they may not be the cheapest implant systems available, they are associated with published research data demonstrating excellent long term success. These implant systems are backed by manufacturer warranties and give our patients the confidence that are receiving the best quality treatment at our clinic.1

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